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Some of you have written me since the first of the year asking how Charley is doing, not to mention what he’s doing with his time now that he isn’t writing the Guitar Noise News anymore. Well, he seems to be doing a little be of adventure travel, as evidenced by this photo:

Looks rather peaceful, no? Of course, if you’re ten feet above any potential problems, life probably is fairly peaceful.

By the way, those of you with eagle eyes may be saying, “That can’t be David’s home – those are right handed guitars hanging on the wall!” Well, you’d be right with the guitars but wrong about the home. Those righties belong to my partner, Karen. If the camera had caught a little more on the right you would have seen one of mine hanging next to Karen’s Firefly acoustic bass.

As big a cat as Charley is, he’s in good shape and likes to do a lot more adventurous things than I would dare to do! He would have undoubtedly had a much better time walking along the rooftops of Stockholm than I did.


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